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It doesn't have to be a rectangle, is it for hanging or free standing?

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What size of board do you want, we can do any size any shape.

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Folding Menu Board

Custom Chalkboards

You have come to the right place!
Chalkboards can come in any shape or size to suit your needs whether it's a small one to sit on a bar, or a weather proof board for outside we can make it.

Do you want an easy fold away board or a permanent wall fixture to fit a specific space we make them all to suit you.

Perhaps your looking for a specific colour or branded boards to give you that edge, we'll make it your way your style fast.

Of course we do have all the standard sizes as well if that suits you better.

Just buy your own chalk and your ready to go.


ChalkBoards Gauteng

Need a board fast, we can help Send us your brand and the shape and we'll make it happen.

For that personal touch branded chalkboards gives it the unique look with your logo and is instantly recognised as yours when placed outdoors.


Any size, Any shape, Any Colour!

Call or contact us any time. We LOVE making boards
Chalkboard Chalkboards, Blackboards, Greenboards, Magnetic Chalkboards whether it's Wooden Frame or Aluminium for indoors or outdoors we have it and can make it fast.


Food Lover's Market

Food Lover's Market

Food Lovers can always rely on BioAfrica Boards to build and deliver exactly what we want when we want it.  ”

Dmakatzo, Boksburg

Moving Feast

Moving Feast

We needed chalkboards for our Restaurant specials and was amazed at how quickly these were made specially for us.  ”

Happiness, Alexandra

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